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Intune Connect for JSM Assets

The Intune Connect app is a powerful integration tool designed to seamlessly connect Microsoft Intune and Jira Service Management CMDB (Configuration Management Database). Its primary purpose is to enable the import of assets from Microsoft Intune, such as devices, applications, and configurations, into the Jira Service Management CMDB for streamlined asset management.

Customer Satisfaction Survey within JSM Portal

The Customer Satisfaction Survey for JSM Portal app provides a straightforward means of capturing customer feedback directly on the customer’s issue page they see on the JSM Portal. When enabled, the app adds a “Customer Satisfaction Survey” under the App header of an Incident, Service Request, or any other JSM issue.




Azure AD (Entra) Connect for JSM

Introducing Azure AD (Entra) Connect – the bridge between Azure AD (Entra) and Atlassian JSM. The app easily syncs user data between the two systems, ensuring a unified, accurate, and up to date user management experience.